Where to live in Brooklyn ~ Williamsburg

In the next year I plan to move to Brooklyn. What is a good neighborhood in Brooklyn close to the City?
Neighborhood  – Williamsburg
Williamsburg is actually a rather large neighborhood, both in population. Near the L-train stops, it offers a fantastically hip (or annoying, depending on your disposition) array of bars, restaurants, and shopping, and some sparkling new developments. The eastern and southern borders are more affordable but less safe, and lag in retail density and access to green space.
Subway Stations
G to Flushing Ave.
G to Broadway
G to Metropolitan-Lorimer
J,M,Z to Marcy Ave.
J,M to Hewes St.
J,M to Lorimer St.
J,M to Flushing Ave.
L to Bedford Ave.
L to Lorimer St.
L to Graham Ave.
L to Grand St.
L to Montrose Ave.
L to Morgan Ave.

The rent:
Rent is about $2500 for a 1Bedroom Apartment, and only $3000/mo for a 2Bedroom Apartment. (Price indicates median values.)

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3 Responses to Where to live in Brooklyn ~ Williamsburg

  1. Jennie Drake says:

    The most desirable neighborhoods in Brooklyn right now are without a doubt Greenpoint and Williamsburg. Williamsburg is not necessarily the safest – just one of the most expensive.

  2. Mollie Dennis says:

    Well I live in Brooklyn. You are not going to get anything cheap here. In general, Brooklyn Heights is the most expensive.

  3. Sean Conley says:

    Williamsburg and Park Slope definitely have more to do around or to hang out.
    Love Love Love Love Love Love Williamsburg.

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