Where to live in Brooklyn ~ Park Slope

Neighborhood  – Park Slope
No neighborhood is the butt of more stroller jokes or the recipient of more anti-gentrification scorn.

But any way you slice it, Park Slope is the very definition of a well-rounded neighborhood. It falls just slightly below average in two: affordability (the average two-bedroom rental is $2,275) and diversity.

Subway Stations
D,M,N,R to Pacific St.
2,3,4,5,B,Q to Atlantic Ave.
2,3 to Bergen St.
B,Q to Seventh Ave.
2,3 to Grand Army Plaza
M,R to Union St.
M,R to 9th St.
F to Fourth Ave./9th St.
F to Seventh Ave.
F to 15th St./Prospect Park

The rent:
Rent is about $1600 for a Studio, $2100 for a 1Bedroom Apartment, and only $23-2500/mo for a 2Bedroom Apartment. (Price indicates median values.)

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2 Responses to Where to live in Brooklyn ~ Park Slope

  1. Anna Mcfadden says:

    Go for Park Slope. Mostly, people are really friendly — the kind of friendliness you encounter only in a small country village.

  2. Jasmine Hernandez says:

    Park Slope is an active and engaging place to live.
    The area is popular with young families.
    Great Area.

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