Where to live in Brooklyn ~ Greenpoint

In the next year I plan to move to Brooklyn. What is a good neighborhood in Brooklyn close to the City?

Neighborhood  – Greenpoint

Greenpoint has some of the best public schools in the city, achieving high test scores and parent-satisfaction ratings, in spite of (or perhaps because of) its small population.It is slightly cheaper and safer than adjacent Williamsburg and has a respectable number of restaurants and bars.
Subway Stations
G to Nassau Ave.
G to Greenpoint Ave.

The rent:
Rent is about $2300 for a 1Bedroom Apartment, and only $2800/mo for a 2Bedroom Apartment. (Price indicates median values.)

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One Response to Where to live in Brooklyn ~ Greenpoint

  1. Joanna Bean says:

    Have lived in Greenpoint for about nine years. Greenpoint’s not exactly cheap.
    Here are the best restaurants in Greenpoint:
    Antek Restaraunt & Deli
    Jagienka Restaurant
    Restauracja Relax
    Chinese Musician Restaurant etc…
    The GPCH remains the best place to get a decent cup of coffee in Greenpoint.

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